3 Workouts That Never Burn Belly Fat

Belly Fat Workouts Exposed

People have been forced to do workouts that never burn belly fat because they were falsely advertised and people are misinformed. Unfortunately this kind of thing continues nowadays. It has proliferated on television over decades and now it is all over the internet. The unfortunate thing is that there are many people who want to find a solution to this problem but their desperation for cure is taken advantage of. In this article, those exercise routines will be exposed and will be explained why they simply won’t work.

3 Workouts That Never Burn Belly Fat

  • Belly fat has always been the most stubborn part of the body and it is quite difficult to go away. For some reason, a lot of people would actually tell you that doing sit-ups would help you reduce belly fat. Unfortunately, that is not true.
  • Another exercise that people commonly do is side crunches. They target the obliques and help reduce or remove love handles. Although these exercises will help you tone your muscles, this exercise will prove to be an ineffective way of losing those handles. These workouts that never burn belly fat, are unfortunately advised even by gym instructors sometimes.
  • The biggest rip-off of all time would be the ab machines. You watch it on an infomercial and end up purchasing the product hoping for the same results; but most of the time, they really do not work at all.
Here is the reason why these exercises fail to reduce your bell fat, and remain workouts that never burn belly fat.

The Truth about Ab Exercises

When you try to reduce stomach fat by doing ab specific exercises, what you are trying to achieve is what fitness experts would call spot reduction. These would result to workouts that never burn belly fat. That is simply not how the body reacts to exercise. You see, when you do ab exercises, you may lose weight, but your weight reduction is not concentrated in the abdominal area but rather distributed to the entire body. That is why these workouts fail to work most of the time.

Actually, the best way to achieve a reduction in belly fat is by doing a full body workout with high intensity. Belly fat is stored energy, and the only way to reduce it is to use that energy.

Vic Magary’s 31 Day Fat Loss Cure and Tom Venuto’s Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle are 2 excellent programs that would teach you how to burn your stubborn belly fat.

The solution to this problem is not with workouts that never burn belly fat, it involves lifestyle changes, and the battle begins in the kitchen.