The Truth About 7 Day Belly Blast Diet By Josh Bezoni – An Honest Review

7 Day Belly Blast Diet Review

The 7 Day Belly Blast Diet has recently gotten the lime light in the health and fitness industry. This diet program has become an object of interest even before it was launched. But the big question is “Does it really work? Or is it just another scam?”

A lot of fitness programs are already out and since the fat-related problems are still here, people continue to find ways to address them. Some easy diet plans require you to eat food and supplements that are really way too expensive for you. Some require you to do crash dieting and make you hope that your flabby arms will get lost in just a matter of days. They even make the diet programs sound like miracles. However, most of these fitness plans do not really give what you want. Other programs make you lose pounds but after you stop taking in the pills, you gain fats faster than how you lost them. Now, is 7 Day Belly Blast Diet one of them?

The 7 Day Belly Blast Diet is basically a nutrition program designed to help you get rid of calories and make you lose stomach fat in a faster and healthier way. It revolves around consuming foods that help boost your metabolism such as the ones that are organic in nature. This program is especially made for those who cannot stop eating but still want to lose weight permanently.

The Author

Before dissecting the details of the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet, we discuss first the person behind the fitness plan. Josh Bezoni is a nutritionist and a weight loss expert who was formerly an overweight. His mission revolves around helping Americans lose tons of belly fats while discovering the benefits of a healthier body and life. Upon graduating as a pre-med major at the Central University of Iowa, he began working to help change people’s bodies and lives.

Josh Bezoni has also personally gone through the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet. He has mastered the practice of losing weight and prefers the practical approach to dieting that is based on what people are thinking. He has been working for more than 15 years now and is associated with top nutrition companies.

How the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet works

Now, we discuss how this particular diet works. The weight loss program has 3 main components:

  • First is the process of elimination.

In this component, you start to protect your system from foods that you consume on a daily basis thinking that they are healthy when they are actually not. The manual discusses whether or not these foods could harm your health and waistline or not. Usually, foods with high chemical content slow your metabolism. The e-book mentions the natural flat belly diet foods that you could eat to increase your consumption of nutrient which, in effect, boosts your metabolism. These foods are usually the organic ones.

  • Second is taking care of the psychological aspect.

Have you ever found yourself saying “I can’t do this anymore” in the middle of a diet program? A lot of people give up easily because the results do not show up immediately. It is only natural for people to become result-oriented and eager. The problem is, when the results fail to appear soon, some people tend to become less motivated. And we actually can’t blame them. Most of the diets today want you to lose stomach fat by not eating much. Dieters often follow them without consulting doctors. So when they start to feel irritated and dizzy, they give in to the idea of stopping the diet easily. In the manual, Josh Bezoni mentions motivational things to keep you from quitting the easy diet plan. These motivational components help you gain positive mindset and personal motivation that you need in order to perform everything that is written in the manual. This alone makes the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet different from other weight loss programs.

  • Third is the variation of calorie intake every seven days.

The fitness program will require you to shift from one kind of meal to another food item. There is a significant difference the meals make in terms of fat burning potentials. The food items that aid in maintaining your fat burning capacity high throughout the day are the ones being preferred. The procedure of keeping the rate of your metabolism elevated results in making you burn more calories along the process.

For instance, the processed foods that have high level of chemical content and additives can make the rate of your metabolism slow. Thus, this type of food is avoided. Alternatively, the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet manual will require you to substitute the unhealthy food items with natural and organic ones. Following the diet will, for the most part, change the way you eat.

The Goal of the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet

The goal of this diet is to overcome the obstacles from getting that flat belly that most people want.

  • First is cortisol. Cortisol is a fat-storing hormone that is released when the body is 7 day belly blast dietunder chronic stress. The amount of cortisol in the body is directly proportional to the amount of fat in the abdominal part. Hence, Josh Bezoni’s program aids in the reduction of this hormone.
  • The second problem the weight loss program aims to overcome is the reduced fat burning capacity. Most of the diets fail because of the rebound weight gain afterwards. These fitness plans require you to cut your calorie intake for long periods. Cutting the calories for prolonged periods makes the body preserve calories as fats instead of burning them.
  • Third is the food additives that trigger obesity. The additives in the processed foods that people usually have in the daily meals cause mineral imbalance. They also alter brain chemicals which makes a person addicted to the product. In effect, people consume and accumulate more toxic waste.

Benefits and Disadvantages of the Diet

Now, let’s talk about the pros and cons of this weight loss program.

Pros of the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet

  • The fitness program is easy to follow. Unlike some weight loss plans, the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet is planned out well and every information that anyone might need can actually be found in the manual.
  • You will discover 37 food items that help you lose stomach fat. Some of these foods are dark chocolate, avocadoes and peanut butter.
  • The facts about the foods you usually eat will be revealed. Your regular selection of food may be the reasons you crave and gain weight.
  • This weight loss program guarantees a no rebound weight gain. This is what other diet programs are missing. Of course, you would want the results to last. Who wants to have their efforts be wasted?
  • You can be in shape while staying at home. There is no need to go the gym which is, of course, a total convenience. You do not need to buy expensive machines either.
  • The guidelines in this fitness plan function more than just burning away all your excess abdominal fat. They generally develop your mental attitude and your well-being as a person. The diet itself will teach you a lot of lessons that enhance your mental and emotional capacity.
  • The product ensures a 60-day money back guarantee if ever you don’t like it. So it is worth giving a try.

Cons of the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet

  • This diet program is not intended for those who prefer eating smaller meals. The goal of the plan is to release fat deposits by feeding your body nutritive and well balanced meals.
  • The way you eat is generally altered so you may need to do some adjustment in your initial weeks. Since the eating habits vary from one person to another, the level of difficulty varies per person, too.
  • This plan is not recommended for body builders.
  • The product is sold in e-book format. No hard copies.

Scams Related to the Weight Loss Industry

Josh Bezoni has also mentioned few of the top weight loss scam:

  • Ab-zapping belts and gadgets – The only ways to have your belly flat is to work it out or go under a knife.
  • Restrictive diet plans – Diets such as the cabbage soup diet and banana diet would get you slim fast but they don’t work for long. You can’t just eat cabbage and bananas forever.
  • Too-good-to-be-true weight loss miracles – Losing weight overnight is indeed a magic but it is never going to happen. Becoming slim takes more just swallowing a pill; it needs patience to follow proper procedures.
  • Most pre-packaged diet foods and processed “fat-free” foods – These foods are declared fat-free but they contain a lot of obesity additives – fructose syrup, monosodium glutamate sodium and saturated fats.
  • Celebrity or fake doctor-endorsed diets – Most of the things that celebrities say are not true. They are just being paid to do that and, more often than not, the models do not use the products they are endorsing.

7 Day Belly Blast Diet Testimonials

The 7 Day Belly Blast Diet has been tested and proven by thousands of people around the world who have already lost stomach fat and achieved the body they want. One of the persons who have verified the weight loss plan is Bill Phillips, the most successful fitness author of the Body-for-Life. He said, “I would recommend it to anyone looking to understand what helps us to be healthy and what doesn’t”. He was personally guided by the author of the program, Josh Bezoni.

The Final Verdict of the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet

This only means that the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet is indeed safe. It is not a scam. It does not have any side effects since the program is especially designed to lose fat in such a way that your body gains the proper nutrition it needs. Aside from changing the eating habits, the program is also best coupled with regular exercise. But even if you do the diet without exercising, 60-80 percent of the results you are hoping for can be attained, according to some dieters.

7 day belly blast diet2

The 7 Day Belly Blast Diet is, indeed, an effective weight loss program. Unlike any other fat burning diet plans, this program revolves around nutrition principles. It even promotes eating unlike the other ones. The difference is that this fitness plan requires you to eat a variety of delicious and nutritious food items that affect the rate of your metabolism. Following this program does not only make you lose stomach fat, it also enhances your emotional and mental attitude.

Now, if you’re looking for an effective way to burn your belly flat, this diet program is worth giving a try.

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