Do you suffer from Acne?

Thousands and even millions of people all over the world suffer from acne. This skin problem not only scars the skin but also the confidence of those who suffer from it.

Acne No More is a guide that is promising a sure way to get rid of acne completely and that too in a holistic way.

According to the official website of 'Acne No More', "Over 138,000 men and women in 157 countries worldwide have already used Mike Walden's Acne No More (TM) system to get rid of their acne forever and gain permanent clear skin!"

Pretty impressive numbers and claims right? So let's take a look at the "Acne No More" guide :

What is the Acne No More Program?

The Acne No More Program is a step-by-step guide for treating and finally getting rid of acne. Different materials make up the program which includes e-books, handbooks, diagrams and videos that are all geared towards giving a complete guide to healing.

This program is authored by a famous personality in the alternative medicine world. Mike Walden is a certified nutrition specialist, health consultant, medical researcher and author. This program is just one of his health restoration masterpieces.

Walden has made this program primarily for himself. He has been an acne sufferer too just like many people. All the heartaches that acne brought which dragged his confidence down during his teenage years pushed him to develop this program. With proof of its positive results, he wanted to share it with other people suffering from the same problem. This has led to the launching of the Acne No More Program.

You might be one of those who suffer from acne and might be interested in this program or know someone who is. So, here are the following facts for you and any other consumer to take note of. Who knows? This might just be one thing that will help you out.

Customer Feedback :

"By the time of my second appointment with the dermatologist, about 7 weeks into the program, I had no acne to show him!"

Hi Mike, when I first contacted you and asked about the program, I thought, "Yeah, but not for me." I struggled with acne for 5 years and tried everything my dermatologist told me. My acne was so bad at times that I wouldn't let my girlfriend see me in regular light.

After careful consideration, I went back to your website and purchased the book for myself. What a smart move that was! I still swear by your book. Within 5 weeks, when I saw my dermatologist for a general appointment, he didn't understand why I was concerned about my very small and almost unnoticed blemishes. By the time of my second appointment with the dermatologist, about 7 weeks into the program, I had no acne to show him.

Shawn Heiner,22(Tulsa, Oklahoma)

" I am acne free finally...and in less than 4 weeks!"

Dear Mike, your book helped me understand my acne condition, the real causes behind it and how to practically approach and tackle the condition from the inside rather than relying on all kinds of chemicals and treatments that I have used to treat the 'external' symptoms of my acne. For 2 years, I tried to treat my condition using over the counter products, and my skin would just break out in itchy huge and ugly rashes.

It took some effort and persistence (your counseling service is priceless by the way), but I finally can admit that I have managed to overcome this affliction for good. I am acne free finally...and in less than 4 weeks into the program! Thank you for making a difference!"

  Tommy Russo, 17(Brooklyn, NY)

About Acne No More :

This complete guide is aimed towards clearing acne problems along with their effects in the quickest time possible. It is also geared towards treating the body holistically in order to get to the roots of the problem. The years of studies and research allotted to come up with this program are one thing that makes it different from other techniques that have just been extracted from various sources. It has taken 7 years to adequately research and refine this program.

Here are some of the unique features that the guide comes with:

  • Cures acne in the span of 2 months
  • Results apparent in less than 7 days of use
  • Comes with complete step by step and fully illustrated guides.

How Acne No More Works?

Acne No More is comprised of a series of guides that a user should read through in order to get the best results. It is a program containing basic facts about acne, the truth about acne treatments, the dos and don’ts of acne treatment and the practices to facilitate a positive response from the body.

All of these things are considered the backbone of acne treatment that everyone should have knowledge of in order to completely eradicate the presence of acne.

The program has already garnered scientific success in the sense that the guides contained in it are products of the 30,000 hours of studies and researches. Through the people who have tried the program, it has received positive feedback.

What Is Inside the Program?

The whole program consists of a series of guides for curing acne. The following are just some of the sections readers should expect in the guides themselves.

  • Step-by-Step Acne No More Clear Skin Success System
  • Step-by-Step Instructional Diagrams and Illustrations
  • 30 Minute Daily Routine
  • Food Guide.

Aside from this series of guides and the other ones users have yet to discover, there are also bonuses coming with the package. Here are 5 of the bonus deals up for grabs when using the program : 

  • Complete Handbook with Nature’s Cures
  • How and When to be Your Own Doctor.
  • The Healing Power Of Water
  • Free Lifetime Updates.
  • Free One on One Counselling with Mike Walden for 3 months.

Who Will Get Benefit From This Program?

The program seeks to help everyone who has acne problems. The good thing about it is that people of all ages can follow it without hassle. So basically, there are no restrictions. For as long as blackheads, whiteheads, large pores and oily skin are your problem, this program is for you.

The Pros & Cons:


Hoilstic approach of acne treatment. It does not only treat acne only as it comes but it digs deeper to its roots to provide a better understanding of the condition.

 Results can be seen in as fast as 7 days

It treats acne even without the use of drugs, ointments and creams.

It is safe and effective with clear instructions.


It is not a one-night deal to clear acne

A long list of guideline should be followed in order to get the best results

Is "Acne No More" Safe?

Generally speaking, the program does not push users to take drugs, apply ointments or put on creams. Basically, this means that it is safe to follow. Plus, it has been a product of years of research and clinical studies which means that it has been tested before it being launched for the public.

And once it is used, it usually takes about 7 days for results to be seen. But scars and redness are usually be completely healed after a couple of months. Of course, these positive effects will only be seen if the program is religiously followed and coupled with a healthy lifestyle.

Final Verdict :

If you suffer with any kind of acne problems then this Acne No More Program is just apt for you. The fact that it is safe to use alone makes it worth trying. This will not only benefit those who are currently suffering from acne but also for those who are serious about skincare. Come on, no one wants scarred skin, right?

Let's just check what some of Mike's customers want to say :

"My skin is practically flawless!"

"Hey mike, it's been several months since I discovered your system, and my skin hasn't been this clear in 7 years. Your program is wonderful, truly wonderful! I have been on the Acne No More for about 8 weeks now and my skin is practically flawless.

I truly recommend this invaluable program to anyone who suffers from acne, at any age. Worth every penny.

Thank you so much..."

Sheila Bernstein (California, USA)

"Concise, Clear and It works..."

Hey mike, The Acne No More book is wonderful! The program is concise, clear and It works... I was truly inspired by your words and your personal story moved me.

I followed your plan, including mailing you twice a day (you are one of the most thoughtful and caring persons I met), and I'm practically spotless and It's only the second month of the basic plan...

Mike, you are a real lifesaver!

Dorothy Harris (Australia)

Bonus Package:

If you are content with your current method of treating chronic acne problems  then this page will have been of little use.

But if you have decided to try ‘Acne No More’ and want to apply the secrets to get rid of Acne Problems completely and holistically; then we would like to add some value to what is already a remarkable deal in terms of effectiveness, simplicity and cost.

If you click any of the buttons on this page and decide to purchase "Acne No More" ; will include the following bonus package at no additional cost

Bonus 1:

  • Reducing wrinkles: Tips to try first.
  • Anti-aging skin care.
  • Herbal Skin Care
  • The facts about sensitive skin care.
  • Vitamin C Skin Care
  • Which is natural skin care
  • Facts about oily skin
  • And so much more .......

Bonus 2:

  • A 10-Day Body Detox
  • All natural body detox for body cleansing and total mind rejuvenation
  • Detox through Tao for a Natural Way to Purify the Body for Health.
  • Detox Diets 101: Keeping Your body in Shape through Proper eating.
  • How Detox Wrap Works Miracles to Your Body
  • Using natural herbs for Detox * Balancing Ph-ion and Detox to Cleanse the Body
  • Body Detox: The Process to Purify Your Life, Mind, and Soul.
  • Home Body-Detox Programs for Losing Weight.
  • Body Detox For Better Skin.
  • And Many More!!!

Bonus 3:

  • Think And Act Clean.
  • But How Can You Achieve It?
  • Main Organs That Keep Your Skin Beautiful.
  • Water As A Natural Acne Remedy.
  • Think GREEN !
  • Foods necessary for Nourishing Your Body and Skin.
  • Natural Skincare Nutrition.
  • And Much More !!!

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