Is the “Lose The Back Pain” System at all Effective?

Is it possible to get rid of back pain through “Lose The Back Pain” system?

Devised by Dr. Robert Duvall, Steve Hefferon and Jesse Cannone, the system focuses more on knowing lose the back painand treating the root of your back pain rather than merely treating the symptoms. And in the long term, that could end any back pain you’re experiencing.

The program’s approach differs from the traditional manner of treating back pain as it focuses on solving imbalances in the muscles that may have formed throughout the years. Through focused regular exercises and self treatments, you can solve problems such as herniated disk, spinal stenosis, sciatica and pulled back muscles. This approach is more natural, safer and cheaper than the typical traditional medicine and chiropractic treatments.  So here is some useful information that would help give you a clearer idea of what truly is this back pain easing program.

Easing Back Pain: Why is This Back Relief System Different?

Unlike the traditional chiropractic way, the Lose the Back Pain system focuses on eliminating the cause of your back pain. In many instances, the cause of your back pain or sciatica would be dysfunctions in muscles. And these dysfunctions stems from improper posture and practices throughout years.

Unlike the chiropractic approach of drug and surgical treatment, this natural way of easing back relief treats both the symptoms and the cause of the back pain. And the methods in this plan are typically natural so you won’t have to worry about medicines and surgeries.

The Lose the Back Pain system has a three step approach.

  • The first step is identifying the cause. Through a series of self assessments, you would know what the origin of your back pain is.
  • After knowing the problem, you would do exercises that will help alleviate the back pain.
  • Then, you would be doing steps that will address the muscle imbalances in your body.

Through this three step approach, you would not only stop the pain for a short time but also fix unbalanced muscles in the body.

What is Included in the Package?

If you decide to buy this product, you would get 2 DVDs or VHS that will help you understand your condition. These DVDs also include the exercises and self treatments necessary in rebalancing your body. You would also get 3 Audio CDs that will help you maximize the results and manage pain. Aside from these, you would also get a manual that will help you know if you’re doing things right.

Am I among those who can be helped by this program?

Lose the Back Pain system can help people experiencing back pain and sciatica. But if you are among those who want to treat their back pain with fewer costs, this could help you a lot. Instead of taking a lot of medicines and surgical procedures and the costs that come with them, you can choose to do regular daily stretches and exercises.

If you had a major accident or are experiencing back pain issues due to some bad habits, this back relief plan can help you. This program could likewise help you finally recover. In some instances, surgeries aren’t the solution. Some physical therapists just do typical and general stretching. But because this program first identifies the cause of your back problem, you can somewhat be more certain that you would really be eliminating back pain.

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Pros and Cons of the Lose The Back Pain System


  • It targets the cause of your back pain.
  • It helps ease the pain for the short term as well.
  • It costs a lot less than surgeries.
  • You don’t have to buy other equipment or programs
  • The instructions are simple to follow.


  • If assessment is done wrongly, you would do the wrong solutions as well.
  • If procedures are followed wrongly, leading to unwanted results.
  • System can’t solve genetic bone diseases.

How Safe is This Back Pain Relief Program?

This program has no side effects since it uses easy to understand and use steps. Depending on your circumstances, you would be doing some stretching, exercises and self treatments, all aimed at strengthening weak muscles and balancing the body’s muscles.

How Fast Does it Work?

The process of easing your back pain could be as short as a week or as long as a year. It depends mainly on your situation. However, people who followed this program feel some improvements as fast as 7 days of using this program.

How to Make the Program Effective: What to Avoid and What to Do

It is also important to also important to get rid of habits and practices that led to your back pain problems. Avoid carrying heavy objects on your back because that could cause back injuries. Instead of using your back when you lift, bend your knees and use your legs. Also, keep whatever you lift close to your body. Likewise, practice proper posture. That could have been a cause of your back pain. Whenever you sit, have your hips positioned somewhat higher than your knees. Avoid overeating and eating unhealthy foods as well as being overweight could also cause back pain.

Aside from avoiding bad habits, doing some exercises can also improve your condition and help make the back relief program more effective. So try doing some cardio like swimming and bicycling. Those exercises will improve your body’s flexibility.

Testimonials: What People Who Used This Program Say

Around 30,000 people are said to have used this back pain relief program. For many of them, the results have been good. Some who even experienced serious back injury problems say that they have been helped by this back pain relief program. Many people who used this program claim that they noticed improvements upon following the plan and are now free of back pain.

Check out this video testimonial from one of the satisfied customers of Lose The Back Pain System.

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The Final Verdict of “Lose The Back Pain” Program: Why This Could Help You?

This health plan is one that could help you ease your back pain issues. It is a good program not only because it’s safe and cheaper than surgery, but also because it has been a system that promotes balance in the body’s muscles. The program also strikes at the cause of the back pain itself, thereby getting rid of back pain for good. With the steps that the plan provides, you would know how to solve your back pain issues yourself in an easy to understand way.

If you need any help, the provider of this plan is willing to guide you. You can contact them if you need help. But aside from this, they have a ONE FULL YEAR of money back guarantee just in case the plan doesn’t work for you. With such guarantee, the Lose the Back Pain system can help you a lot in eliminating back pain.

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