Paleo Burn (Formerly Known as Primal Burn) – Don’t Buy Till You Read This!

Primal Burn – Let’s Explore The Real Truth!

Nearly everyone wants to lose weight and get in shape in this day and age. Some turn to diet, some to exercise and fitness, and some turn to both. One of the leaders in the exercise, diet camp is primal burn. This is an exercise program that takes the individual through a series of exercises and has a comprehensive diet program as well. They promote a product you can use to take off weight and burn fat. There is a video that tells the user exactly what they can do to make their fitness and exercise goals a reality.

What is Primal Burn?

Primal BurnThe program basically entails the use of a diet and exercise program based on high protein, without excessive carbs. It also has proprietary product which is known as PX90. It also involves a 60 minute a day exercise program, done in short bursts, similar to the exercise programs that are performed in the military. It comes with a guide for healthy eating, which is avoiding breads grains and processed foods. The diet heavily promotes the use of proteins especially meats and vegetables. The foods that will keep the blood sugar or insulin levels of the body down are the foods being promoted as part of primal burn. The set comes with a series of DVDs,and guide to the program. It is sold online for 47 dollars. The program also has an 100 percent money back guarantee on the product. Get your Order Link here.

Developer of the product

Primal BurnThe developer of this product “Ken” says that he was a fat and unhealthy guy. He had tried various diet and fitness strategies that simply did not work for him. He thought back to a time when he was in the military and the types of training and exercise they did in order to get a lean and toned body. He also read various books on survival methods. Ken understood that your body does certain things in an effort to hold onto weight. Because as individuals begin to diet the body thinks they are starting to starve themselves. The body rebels and makes it more difficult to lose weight. Ken thought the secret key to this was to eat foods that would thwart hunger. That is one of the 7 keys he promises will help to jump start weight loss. This diet is different because it does not advocate exercising with long slow cardio workouts. It advocates short bursts of exercise as part of the process.
Ken says that he lost 29.5 pounds following his own program and became the go to guy in among his friends and in terms of weight loss. He began to market the product and has videos on websites. It can be purchased online from the primal burn website.


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Inside Of Primal Burn

When one buys the product they will get a set of DVD’s that come with the product. They will get the manual that comes with program detailing the 7 keys to weight loss. It is signifiantly more affordable than many of the other weight loss programs or pills that are currently on the market.

Who Will Benefit from the Product?

Most people who have weight to lose will benefit from the Primal Burn program. It is espeially designed from those who may be insulin resistant, and may be diabetic, or pre diabetic. It can really be potentially useful for those who need to lower their insulin levels, and may need to really change their eating habits.

Watch This Video To Know How Primal Burn Actually Works!

Pros of Primal Burn:

Primal BurnThe Primal Burn diet and lifestyle program as mentioned previously, is relatively affordable. It is ased on sound nutritional and exercise principles. It can really be a good way to jumpstart your metabolism. Most individuals who have used this program have really lost weight when they pay attention to the principles. Furthermore the exercise program is quite detailed, and takes a short time to do the exercises, they are broken up throughout the day. This is a program that will work if you stick to the principles involved. Also, the aforementioned comes with a PX90 supplement for extra fat burning. The diet also includes everyday foods, so individuals don’t have special products they have to buy, and the moneyback guarantee is really a plus.

Product cons

Those who have used this program in the past have found that it is extremely beneficial to weight loss. They have take the program and have used it sucessfully along with the fitness regime and have found the weight just dropping off rapidly. However, upon discontinuing the regime when they went bak to their normal eating habits, the weight returned, even while taking the supplement. 60 minutes a day is a great deal of time to devote to a fitness routine, even if it is broken up to small segments, and some people simply can not find that in their schedules.

Primal Burn scam or legit

This writer could not find any information that Primal Burn is a scam. In fact, most reviewers of the product find it to be an excellent product for weight loss, that has improved substantially since it has been out. The only caveat with this is that most of the review sites seem to link to the Primal Burn product video, so it is uncertain how many of the reviews are totally unbiased.


There are no none side effects with primal burn. It is a safe to use.

How Fast is Primal Burn

Most of the users who have tried this program find that it works quickly. It is not unusual for users to drop 7 pounds within the first week of using the program.

Daily routines to be followed:

It is important to eat fresh and healthy foods. It is important to make positive diet and exercise a part of your life. Carbs and products like whole grain bread should not be eaten on a regular basis.

Primal Burn

Primal Burn is a very effective product including testimonials of users who have used this product successfully. They state they have lost 7 pounds in the first week on the product, and can lose up to 30 pounds in a month. This product is genuine and the fact that it oms with a money back guarantee, should convince any last minute holdouts with the legitimacy of the product. This is a product that those concerned with making positive lifestyle changes should buy.

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