The Diet Solution Program Review – Shocking Facts Revealed!!!


The Diet Solution Program Review

What is “The Diet Solution Program”?

The Diet Solution Program, in essence is one of the most known and best-selling diet plans that can work best for you to achieve your dream goal. These weight loss secrets were developed by Isabel De Los Rios, a world known certified exercise specialist and nutritionist. Isabel developed The Diet Solution Program after an insight research carried out with intentions of helping her mother overcome the diabetic medication that she was undergoing by that time. This program is geared to help millions of obese people shedding the unwanted weight from their body and make them realize their dream goals.

About Isabel De Los Rios

Isabel De Los Rios

As aforementioned, Isabel is a world known certified nutritionist and exercise specialist. She is popular for her diet plans for weight loss known as “The Diet Solution Program”; Isabel holds degree in Exercise Physiology. She is a holistic nutrition lifestyle coach, certified by the Corrective Holistic Kinesiology institute, San Diego CA.

Isabel is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist, a highest and most advanced certificate affirmed by the National Strength Conditioning Association. Isabel has helped millions of people from all over the world and you never know you may be his next victim of success.

What is Inside “The Diet Solution Program”?

It took time and thorough research for Isabel to come up with this weight loss program. This program is a comprehensive coverage of what exactly is suitable for your body and what should be done away with in order to realize your dream goal. This 96-page diet solution program features the following aspects:

  • Quick start guide
  • Recipe guide and shopping list
  • Exercise and diet success journal
  • Metabolism type test
  • Done for you meal plans
  • 14 days to sexy body-accelerated program
  • The ten most common nutrition mistakes

Isabel also avails two optional upgrades in this program

  • Turbulence training special workouts with Craig Ballantyne and
  • 24 accelerator audio recordings by herself.

the diet solution program

It is in this program that Isabel also reveals 2 totally unique secrets that will aid you so much to realize your dream goal.

First Secret:

There exist three distinctive metabolic categories and that the type of metabolism that you have, should determine the type of foods that you should feed on in order to lose weight.

Second Secret:

You can facilitate your weight loss determinations by eliminating certain foods from your diet program that are supporting obesity within your body.

Based on the aforementioned secrets, Isabel developed The Diet Solution Program to constitute 3 vital steps:

  • Determination of Your Metabolic Type: page 1-12, Isabel explains her first secret of how you would know which of the three categorical metabolic types you fall into and with respect to that type of metabolism, your body will be uniquely balancing the protein, curbs and fats intake. In essence, this is done based on the quantity of proteins that are needed by your body and the foods that may support you in order to realize your weight loss goal.
  • Creating Your Personal Meal Plan: page 13 to 15 Isabel clarifies how all types of calories are not equal and says further that depending on your metabolic type, some type of calories will increase fats in your body while having no or little side effects on others. Through the food chart that you are given from the above step, you will then customize your meal plan in order to include your favorite foods from the food chart. This step can be done weekly or daily.
  • Choose the Best Foods: from page 16 to page 96, she emphasizes on most sidelined value of foods/diet products that are rich in nutrients and how to go around with your diet concerning the most highly valued foods for your body. She goes further and highlights the importance of organic foods in weight loss and how they work very fast.

Who will benefit from The Diet Solution Program?

The Diet Solution Program unveils the two little known secrets to weight loss. Isabel further substantiates her secrets by taking you through three important steps, explaining the basics to be done in order for you to be successive in shedding weight.

The steps are easy to follow and are hierarchical in a manner that you will unlock more and more weight loss secrets as you read from page 1 all the way to page 96.

This book is for anybody; at least you can agree this with me. It is of paramount importance to acknowledge the struggle of Isabel in order to give you what it takes to be free from obesity. Millions of people have benefited from Isabel’s program and there is no reason why you too should not give it a try.

the diet solution program

Here are 3 important reasons as to why you should try The Diet Solution Program by Isabel De Los Rios.

  • This is the proven program that is endorsed by a huge number of testimonials from clients and health experts.
  • The Author is a certified nutritionist and has outstanding reputation in health and fitness industry.
  • Isabel in her program lays emphasis on a never-revealed-before mind-to-body connection that hastens your results.


  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • This weight loss solution is from a certified expert and is known to effectively help your shed weight.
  • The Diet Solution Program encourages taking of fresh fruits
  • This program gives you ton of information, yet uses an easy step by step program starting from page one.


  • The authenticity of the metabolic type questionnaire is not known, but the weight loss secrets themselves are known to work amazingly.


Daily Routines You Should Follow For Impressive Results With The Diet Solution Program

In this program, Isabel does not limit your daily freedom in any way. In fact she only insists on the above mentioned three steps. These are the basic building blocks of her weight loss program.  Therefore it is your responsibility to observe the following aspects as highlighted in the above steps:

  • Focus on your body metabolic type and how your body react to different diet plans
  • Customize your personal diet according to recommendations from the food chart from step one
  • Lay emphasize on the shopping list in order to supply your body with the required diet plan

It can be clearly seen that The Diet Solution Program is entirely about what you take and not rigorous and painful exercises or any other form of pills so you should clearly stick to it for you to realize your dream goal within the shortest time possible.

The Diet Solution Program Endorsement

This program is known to work excellently once followed to the last. The various ease to follow steps that Isabel touches on this program should be implemented effectively in order to realize better results. It is all about self-discipline and knowing what you are after. Majority of Isabel’s clients have testified that this program as working extraordinarily for them. Here is one of the testimonials on these weight loss secrets.

“This was a reminder for me as this was how I started in the first place with your 3 main tips. Then after a week and a half and starting to see results we bought the Diet Solution program. I love it. I am definitely seeing results and feeling heaps better. So is my husband. I have more energy best of all my trousers aren’t tight anymore. The one thing that does surprise me is that I am not craving chocolate like I used to. Thanks heap and keep up the motivation – there are days when I definitely need it.” Karen and Stewart Parker, New Zealand


The Final Verdict on The Diet Solution Program

The Diet Solution Program is a program that is known to work. The product has already worked for millions and you should give it a try. You can get your copy now and start following the easy steps to achieve weight loss that are highlighted in this program. Remember that this product has 60 day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with it. So there is nothing to lose from your end.

Don’t Delay!!! Get A Copy Of The Diet Solution Program

Isabel achieved her goal for his mother and a number of people who have gone through her program. Obtain your copy of The Diet Solution Program and you will do away with the extra fats that are in your body which could aggregate more problems to your health. Take action fast!!! Here’s the download link once again.

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