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Craig Ballantyne

Craig BallantyneUnlike many other fitness experts, Craig Ballantyne did not initially enter the weight loss industry because he wanted to lose weight, but simply because he had a great idea that he thought would help others.

Craig is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) based in Toronto, and has a Master of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology. He has also written fitness articles for various media outlets, including Men’s Health, Women’s Health, GQ, Maxim, and National Geographic.

He first developed his fitness ideas in 1999 during his work as a graduate student at the McMaster University in Ontario, when he spent hours doing desk work. A former athlete, he was concerned about gaining fat from his sedentary lifestyle and started to think about the best way to stay fit without having to spend hours at the gym, consuming time which he could not spare. While observing the university’s power sport athletes, he realized that they had the lean bodies that he wanted, but without doing the long cardio sessions that were traditionally recommended for fat loss. After studying their training protocols, Craig adapted them into workouts that regular people would be able to do and the end result was his Turbulence Training fat loss program.

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About Turbulence Training system:

  • Basic Principle: The Turbulence Training system reflects Craig’s discoveries, combining resistance training with short bursts of high-intensity interval exercises to boost your body’s metabolism so you’ll lose weight without sacrificing lean muscle, unlike regular weight loss programs. And your body will continue to burn calories even hours after you have finished your workout.
  • Exercise: Under the Turbulence Training program, you can achieve your weight loss goals with workouts lasting less than an hour long, and which only need to be done three times a week, making it easy for even very busy people to fit it into their schedules. And in order to alleviate possible boredom, Craig made sure that the workouts are varied enough that people doing them would remain interested and challenged throughout the course of the program, making it more likely that they’ll complete it.


Yuri Elkaim

Yuri ElkaimUnlike many fitness experts, Yuri Elkaim’s early interest in fitness did not come from body building but rather was due to his dedication to soccer. Because of this, instead of striving to develop a heavily muscled body, Yuri tried instead to build a sleek one with enough stamina for sustained performance on the playing field.

He read whatever he could on fitness training and tried out everything he learned, using trial and error to eliminate techniques that he found did not work. When it came time for him to go to college at the University of Toronto, not surprisingly, Yuri chose to pursue studies in kinesiology and physical health, studying under such revered experts as Dr. Doug Richards, the former sports doctor for the Toronto Raptors, the late Dr. Bob Goode and Dr. Jack Goodman.

As he learned more about fitness and natural nutrition, Yuri decided that he had to share his knowledge with others and the best way to do this was to create fitness and nutrition programs that he could post on the Internet. He eventually created some 213 fitness programs, including popular ones like Fitter U and the Treadmill Trainer.

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About Total Wellness Cleanse:

The origins of Yuri’s popular nutrition program, Total Fitness Cleanse, came about when, at 17, he developed an auto-immune disease called alopecia that caused all his hair to fall out as well as resulting in his energy levels decreasing, making it more difficult for him to continue playing soccer while maintaining his studies. He refused to let doctors inject cortisone in his head, choosing instead to pursue an all-natural diet that eventually caused his condition to stabilize and his hair to grow back.

Yuri also developed several nutrition programs based on his experiences during this time, the most popular of which is the Total Wellness Cleanse.

  • The Basic Principle : People become tired because most of the food that they eat causes their blood to become acidic. However, to feel energized, your blood needs to be slightly alkaline. In addition, acidic blood results in other health problems such as weight gain, osteoporosis, accelerated aging, and cardiovascular disease. The Total Body Cleanse program seeks to restore your blood’s healthy alkalinity by weaning you off unhealthy junk food and processed food as well as cleansing your body of toxins using various fruit juices. Once you’ve successfully cleansed your body, you will undergo a transition period towards a more nutritious diet that will ensure your continued health.


Joel Marion

Joel MarionThe popularity of Joel Marion’s weight loss programs is a testament to how his ideas have resonated with ordinary people who simply need to lose weight quickly but have been disappointed with other programs they’ve tried.

Joel is an honors graduate from the College of New Jersey, earning a dual Bachelor’s degree in Health Education and Exercise Science, as well as earning certifications as a Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist from recognized certification agencies like the National Strength and Conditioning Association and International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Joel has also published articles in media outlets like Men’s Fitness, SELF, Muscle Mag International as well as on sites like BodyBuilding and T-Nation. His coaching has helped more than a thousand people in over thirty countries to achieve their weight loss goals.

He became interested in weight loss due to his having a self-described ‘skinny fat’ body while he was in college. Despite spending hours in the gym, he was not developing the cut body that he wanted, and he almost gave up until a mentor came along and changed his ideas about fitness and nutrition. After studying extensively, he decided to apply his new ideas, motivating himself by joining a Body Transformation contest. Over the course of four months, he was eventually able to transform 20 lbs of body fat into lean muscle, using short workouts of around 40 minutes a session, three times a week.

About  Xtreme Fat Loss Diet:

  • Basic Principle: Joel’s fat loss program, the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet, is based on the idea that typical calorie deprivation diets actually cause you to gain weight since your body stores fat to protect itself against starvation. Instead, he recommends strategic nutrient manipulation to put your body into a fat burning state, alternating with cheat days during which you can eat anything you want.
  • Workouts: These diet techniques are combined with a special workout that causes your body to simultaneously build muscle while burning fat. And this all takes place during a five-day cycle during which the dieter can enjoy extreme fat loss results. At the end of the twenty-five day program, the dieter will enjoy a faster metabolism than when they started, giving them lasting weight loss results.


John Romaniello

John RomanielloAt first glance, many people may find John Romaniello a braggart and a blowhard. But his ideas have helped hundreds of people from all walks of life meet their fitness goals and get the bodies they’ve always dreamed of having, and he is also a sterling example of how effective his techniques are.

John was a chubby kid who loved Star Wars, comic books and video games, but decided to take up sports on the advice of his high school guidance counselor to beef up his resume for college applications. He got into wrestling, weight training and track and field, and became, by his own description, a passable athlete. John eventually became more interested in fitness, reading everything he could and, through trial and error, discovered weight loss techniques that he used to lose almost thirty pounds.

Although he later gained the weight back, it was now in the form of muscle rather than fat. One of his major discoveries during this period was finding out how to get rid of those last few stubborn pounds that you just can’t seem to lose. He discovered that the reason your body resisted losing this weight was simply because it was scared of starving to death, and so it was storing fat that it could burn in case there was no more food to eat. To do this, it slowed down your metabolism so that the calories you ate would become body fat. Using this insight, John created a diet that would fool the body into fat burning mode.

About Final Phase Fat Loss Program:

John’s Final Phase Fat Loss program revolves around four methodologies.

  • Dynamic Movement: It involves a lot of movement exercises with resistance to make them more effective for fat loss.
  • The Lactic Acid Training phase: It is based on the need to build up more lactic acid in your muscles using a tempo that stresses a longer concentric phase and a shorter lowering phase, resulting in your body secreting more fat-burning growth hormone.
  • Density Training: It involves circuit training workouts that alternate weight training exercises with body resistance exercises such as squats, in order to increase your metabolism and promote increased calorie burning, even hours after the end of the workout.
  • Strength-Based Training : helps you maintain your muscle-building gains, through completing a certain number of repetitions of recommended exercises rather than doing a specific number of sets.

Josh Bezoni

Josh BezoniJosh Bezoni was inspired by family tragedy to not only live a healthier life, but encourage others to do so as well. Just before he went off to college, his grandfather Bill underwent triple-bypass surgery while his Uncle Dave died at the relatively young age of 54. These personal losses made him decide to major in nutrition and biology as a pre-med student at the Central University of Iowa.

While completing his studies, Josh actually became overweight after developing a food addiction, but was eventually able to lose the weight again. After completing his Bachelor’s, he decided to make it his mission to help prevent people from developing health problems rather than curing them once they got sick, so he opted not to pursue his medical studies and instead chose to become a fitness counselor. He started his career in the fitness industry by working for recognized fitness expert Bill Philips, at his various nutrition ventures, including Muscle Media Magazine, Body for Life and EAS. Since striking out on his own, Josh has not only authored two best-selling fitness books, he has also founded Bio-Trust Nutrition, which offers all-natural food products and dietary supplements. And he has appeared on nearly every major television network, as well as cable channels such as the Travel Channel, to offer tips for eliminating stubborn belly fat as well as developing an overall healthier lifestyle.

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About 7 Day Belly Blast Diet Program:

  • The Basic principle : Most people can’t lose that stubborn belly fat that makes them look so unsightly is that the typical calorie deprivation diet causes people to develop food cravings as your system goes out of whack, causing your weight loss efforts to fail. In addition, dieting is stressful, which causes your body to produce a fat-storing hormone called cortisol, which makes your system store fat in your belly as a defense against possible starvation. A third factor that makes belly fat hard to lose is that the food we eat is itself dosed with artificial preservatives and additives that cause toxins to build up in your body, resulting not only in excess belly fat but also bloating due to excess water weight.
  • Techniques To Solve These Problems:
  1. Calorie Confusion: It involves constantly changing the types of calories you’re eating in order to confuse your body and prevent it from releasing cortisol, without having to count calories or follow complicated rules.
  2. Thermal Burn: It involves eating foods that your body needs to burn a lot of calories.
  3. 37 foods That Burn Belly Fat : These foods will not only reduce cortisol levels, but are also nutritious and do not contain dangerous additives.

By combining these three techniques into the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet, dieters will see outstanding results in just one week.

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