5 Easy Strategies that Help You Lose Weight Without Exercise

5 Easy Tricks That Help You Lose Weight Without Exercise

  • Weight Loss Diet Without Exercise :Tip #1 Say NO To Carbohydrates

    weight loss diet without exerciseIf you really want to lose weight then do away with all those white carbohydrates.  Avoid potatoes, pastas, white bread, and rice. Also uncheck in your list those breaded foods that contain flour. You can only take small portions of this food perhaps after a strenuous workout that lasted for at least thirty minutes. You will truly see the weight difference once you cut back or altogether prohibit the intake of these carbohydrate rich foods.

    • Weight Loss Diet Without Exercise: Tip #2 Eat Proteins Legumes & Vegetable Consistently

    Protein rich foods help build up your muscles that in turn aid in burning fat. Thus, you should be eating protein rich foods such as eggs, chicken, lean beef and lean pork. Legumes should also be in your diet that include lentils and beans. In exchange for cutting back on the carbohydrates (from Tip #1), eat instead fiber-rich vegetables such as asparagus, spinach,  cabbage and lettuce.  Mix and match these types of meals and eat it consistently to help solve your weight woes.

    • Weight Loss Diet Without Exercise: Tip #3 Say NO to Sweetened Beverages

    Sweetened juices and soft drinks are a no-no for dieters. You may unknowingly be drinking those sodas and juices thinking that it is harmless to your diet when in fact it adds to unwanted calories. What you should be drinking are large quantities of water and unsweetened teas (especially green tea). Cut back also on the creamers in coffee and instead of full cream milk, try the non-fat milk version.

    • Weight Loss Diet Without Exercise: Tip #4 Have A “Cheat Day” For Dieting

    Dieting does not necessarily mean depriving yourself all the time from all those calories.  It is actually advisable to set one day each week to eat as much as you want. This ensures that the metabolic rate of you as a dieter would not down regulate because of the calorie restrictions made for a period of time.


    • Weight Loss Diet Without Exercise: Tip #5 Eat Fat Burning Foods

    To help you out in your weight loss program, try eating some of the following fat burning foods:

    –          Garlic:  This has Allicin that aids in cholesterol and fat reduction

    –          Carrots: Eat this when you begin your meal so that your psyche gets trick into believing that there is no more room for dessert.

    –          Apples, Tomatoes, Spinach Oranges and Mangoes