Weight Loss Surgery VS Diet and Exercise – Which One Would You Pursue?

Weight Loss Surgery VS Diet and Exercise

In the United States, people who are over 30 lbs overweight is around 35% while morbidly obese individuals, those who are at risk of serious health issues comprise 6% of the population. This makes around 10 million individuals who are morbidly obese at present! Plenty of these people have tried to weight the advantages of weight loss surgery vs. diet and exercise. Here’s a small peek of these two.

Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery might be highly risky, yet it can be a very good choice for some people. When choosing weight loss surgery vs. diet and exercise, the risks that come with these operations should be considered over the benefits it can bring. These operations are mostly recommended for people who are severely obese. Two popular weight loss surgical procedures include gastric banding and gastric bypass surgeries.

Gastric banding surgery is an extreme weight loss procedure, which in non-invasive. The operation makes use of slits in the person’s skin to place in a ring in order to be placed around the upper part of the stomach that can be loosened or tightened with the help of a thin tube from the ring to under the person’s skin. The surgeon uses a needle in inserting or removing saline out or into the tube depending on the tightness. Some side effects are esophageal dilation or band slippage. Esophageal dilation happens when the band is very tight and when a person’s eats a lot, the esophagus can expand leading food to be trapped in the throat.

On the other hand, gastric bypass operation is invasive and it shortens the length of the small intestines and reroutes them. This part of the digestive system is where digestion and absorption of nutrients happens. Risk can include nutrition deficiency that can call for another operation.

Exercise and Diet

For people who aren’t really extremely overweight, weight loss surgery vs. diet and exercise should also be given a lot of thought. However, diet and exercise might be a healthier option.

Although there is no special formula for losing a lot of weight fast, the use of extreme weight loss programs should be done for only a short time. The use of these programs isn’t recommended for long-term use as they might result to other health complications.

The best strategy to lose weight fast is to use interval training exercises alongside a diet that eliminates all those bad fats. A good diet should also be concerned about how you eat and what you eat. So, considering weight loss surgery vs. diet and exercise for your advantage should focus on the health benefits first.