Why Should I Lose Weight and Stay Fit?

Lose Weight and Stay FitIf you’ve looked in the mirror lately and noticed that you seem to be a little heavier than usual, you may have made a resolution to lose weight. Unfortunately, like many other resolutions that you’ve made, you never quite got around to it. So as you look in the mirror, you start to feel guilty about how bad you look carrying around all that extra weight.

How can you motivate yourself to lose weight? One good motivational tool is to make a list of reasons why you should lose weight. Here are some suggestions:

  • To stay fit. People who are overweight face a range of health risks such as an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes, osteoarthritis and even certain types of cancer. In addition, pregnant women who are overweight may face complications during the pregnancy or while giving birth.
  • To look better. We all know that people who are overweight look unsightly and may even be the butt of jokes. How many times have we been in a social situation and suddenly someone mentions that we look heavier than usual? Remember how bad that made you feel? At worse, you might even feel that they are laughing at you behind your back.
  • To feel less conscious when you have to show off your body. If you’re underweight, then you may dread the coming of summer, when you usually go to the beach and put on a bathing suit. In fact, you may even avoid beach vacations at all, or simply don’t go swimming, choosing to lounge around under a beach umbrella instead.
  • To have your choice of clothes. You may notice if you’re overweight that it becomes more difficult to find clothes that fit you, since everything seems to be too tight. On the other hand, if you’re the correct weight, you’ll have no problem shopping for clothes.
  • To feel better physically. If you’re overweight, you may have noticed that it is harder for you to move around. In fact, you may be panting if you have to climb a flight of stairs or even just when you’re bending down. Being too heavy can even put stress on your joints and eventually result in serious health problems such as arthritis or joint pain,
  • To be more confident. How many times have you felt conscious about approaching somebody you’re interested in because you’re overweight and you’re afraid they might reject you?
  • To be healthier. Research has revealed that being overweight is related to a host of other health problems. For example, people who are overweight may be more prone to worsened allergies. Being overweight may also result in foot pain since the foot is carrying more weight that it is used to.
  • To have a more positive mood. If you’re overweight you may suffer from severe depression or other mood disorders due to your hormones being out of balance. Losing weight can restore the balance of your bodily systems and make you feel better.